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Increase semen volume and intensify your orgasms. The best volume pills in Canada.

Semenax in Canada
Semenax in Canada

Semenax offers you the most amazing orgasms you will ever experience. Couples choose volume pills because they can help correct erectile dysfunction by triggering strong, ROCK-HARD erections while increase the length of your orgasms!

Why Semenax?

  • Enjoy longer, more intense ejaculations that seem like they go on forever (you’ll think you’re squirting out of a fire hose!) 
  • Fill your lover until they’re OVERFLOWING with pleasure. 
  • Increase the visual aesthetics of a BIG, powerful load, showing just how manly and virile you are. 
    Drive your partner WILD with powerful orgasmic contractions! 
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN* to increase semen volume and intensity!
Increase Semen Volume
Increase Semen Volume

It’s time to turn up the intensity of your orgasms, and be the guy that shoots so hard you clear the room whenever you like. There are huge numbers of men out there just like you who want to perform better in bed, and plenty of women who love the feel and site of a strong ejaculation. However, most men have no idea how to accomplish this.

Semenax is placed as one of the very best semen tablets on the market. The manufacturers declare that it raises the high quality as well as amount of your seminal fluid, which winds up pleasing your companion.

Semenax Results
Semenax Results

For those not in the know, women want their men to climax lots of sperm because it is connected to fertility and virility as well as women prefer to mate with such males. This type of reasoning is built-in right into every woman’s psychology.

Semenax says that it can aid raise seminal fluid quantity by as long as 500%, which is heck of a great deal, and therefore you must buy it. Yet does the pill really work?

Just How Does Semenax Work?

An orgasm occurs when a specific muscle agreements as well as a collection of tightenings drain the semen. Low semen manufacturing brings about lesser tightenings, and also in such situations, the orgasm overcomes in 2-3 seconds.

So, the logic is that if your body makes much more seminal fluid, it will result in longer and wonderful orgasms that are enjoyed by both partners. Semenax claims that its natural components and also their potent mix helps raise semen quantity.

I can say that Semenax is made in a (cGMP) facility, which mean it manufactured in clean and controlled environment as any oral supplement should be.

These types of manufacturing facilities do their own research and development  with test and trials before it is sold.

Semenax Ingredients List

These key Semenax ingredients work to increase sensitivity while boosting testosterone levels.

HORNY GOAT WEED – a plant extract that improves testosterone levels naturally. This key ingredient stimulates sexuality.

TRIBULUS – Another powerful Chinese natural herb that raises testosterone production. It is additionally used in male fertility medicine in Canada and the USA.

L-LYSINE – An amino acid that helps raise semen quantity as well as testosterone in the male body.

CATUABA BARK – A Brazilian herb that reinforces the male reproductive system

PUMPKIN SEED –  boosts prostate health. As guys age, their prostate grows and pressurizes the sexual body organs. A bigger prostate, as well as its medicines, could bring about impotence.

HAWTHORNE –  Regularizes prostate health and also reinforces the sex-related system.

ZINC –  Improves sexual energy and sperm quality

MACA –  Another epic testosterone booster.

CRANBERRY EXTRACT – Another prostate health improving ingredient.

VITAMIN E –  Improves health and maintains sex-related organs active

L-ARGININE – Synthesized substance that can essentially increases sperm production.

These active ingredients, as well as their powerful mix, make Semenax a leading semen volume increase pill in Canada and the USA.

Can Semenax Help You?

To be honest, yes, Semenax can help any male increase semen size and orgasm length.

Those who have used this product to increase semen volume have been very happy with the results.

Semenax Reviews

Semenax Pills Reviews
Semenax Pills Reviews

My semen volume increase was more like  80% and my orgasm lasted about 5 seconds longer. My orgasm was more intense as my body felt more sensitive sexually.

In my opinion I would suggest taking Semenax for a longer period to experience much better results.

Semenax 2017 Results
Semenax 2017 Results

>>Where to Buy Semenax in Canada<<

When you buy Semenax in Canada it ships from the USA without any additional customs fees. Canadians are now fully covered with a 100% money back guarantee just like everyone else. If you feel that Semenax is not meeting your expectations then return all the unused bottles for a refund.