Semenax Clinical Study

About The Semenax Clinical Study

There is a Semenax clinical study using 63 men aged 30 – 60, that was conducted over 2-months as a double-blind study to established its true effectiveness and safety.

The male participants were divided into two separate groups as follows,

1. The men who took Semenax pills twice a day.

2. The men who took a placebo in equal dosage.

More men taking Semenax reported a 20% increase in ejaculate volume in contrast to the men in the placebo group.

Semenax enhances the male reproductive system supplying their bodies with all necessary nutrients and vitamins that increase the amount of seminal fluids, including seminal vesicle fluids (they produce up to 70% of the semen), prostate gland fluid (25% of semen) and bulbourethral gland fluid.

At the conclusion it was determined that Semenax was an effective natural solution for men with a lower sperm count. There was an increase in sperm production and semen volume.

Semenax Clinical Study
Semenax Clinical Study

Does Semenax Work?

Download Full Report
Download Full Report

Yes…and the Semenax Clinical Study show it.

When researching for semenax clinical studies you’ll find the same answers everywhere. Below we have listed expert recommendations and proper semenax dosage that will give you an honest look at just how well it has been working for many people. Also see Semenax reviews.

SEMENAX DOES WORK and it has no side effects! , the price is low and you can save money, if you buy this pill on the official site. It’s available online only!

Proper Semenax Dosage

Semenax dosage
Semenax dosage

The proper Semenax dosage is to take one pill twice a day. You do not need anymore than this for maximum sperm production. You do need to give it time. Best results are seen after 6 months.


Semenax is the best over the counter volume pills available and does not require a prescription because it contains 100% all natural ingredients resulting in no side effects at all. The direction on the bottle will tell taking one tablet twice a day to promote seminal fluids and intense your orgasms. The first positive changes will be noticed within seven days.


Semenax Expert Recommendation & Approval

Dr. Anuradha Kulkami, Vedic Lifesciences: “Semenax demonstrated its statistical significance over placebo based on the global research assessment and the global patient efficacy assessment. More study participants experienced higher libido and explosive as compared to those in the placebo group.”

Dr. Carter, Doctor of Psychology, RCP Doctor: “The patients who were suffering from low semen volume, weak and short orgasms, have reported positive changes in a few days. I do recommend Semenax to all men who want to feel higher sexual arousal, have more powerful orgasms and enhance their sexual relations.”

Marcella Fernandez, Marital and Family Therapist: “Higher sperm volumes and more contractions during orgasms make sex more fantastic for both partners. Approved!”