Semenax Review: Do Semenax Pills Work? 

There are many reasons why a man should want to increase his seminal fluid volume.

The key to how to make more semen is to boost your seminal volume. It may sound simple but it’s easy to miss out on when searching the web.

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You’ll discover the truth is, 90% of supplements created to increase sperm quantity are complete garbage.

Normally, the only “proof” supporting the insurance claims made by the firms who make sperm volume pills are anecdotal reviews and reviews that may or may not be made by the firm themselves.

There is no product with this claim.

The results of that study were quite shocking. And I also was surprised to find that the business was willing to do a double-blind, placebo-controlled study with Semenax.

By completing this study, you have to undergo rigorous evaluations to discover how well you can be used to help patients. This is one of the most stringent tests in any field of medicine.

In this review, I’m most likely to be reviewing my experience using Semenax to get to the bottom of whether or not this supplement really does work.

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What Is Semenax?

Semenax is a seminal fluid volume enhancing supplement that is developed to enhance semen volume and climax intensity.

The supplement is developed to enhance semen volume and climax intensity. Leading Edge Health is one of the most trustworthy companies when it comes to developing sex-related health supplements. They are the only company in the sexual health room who puts their supplements through medical research to prove their effectiveness. This is atypical in the supplement sector. It’s hard to create a statistically significant result in these kinds of research studies, so the majority of supplement companies don’t have to worry about it. The only supplement that I found which had clinical proof to support the cases made by its parent firm was Semenax. I can’t stress how big of a bargain it is.

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Semenax Ingredients

The ingredients in Semenax are truly solid, and also are no question the greatest reason that Semenax has so many loyal fans and certainly why the supplement revealed such promising results in the medical research study which was carried out.

The cornerstones that I’m mindful of that have actually been revealed to increase seminal fluid volume are Zinc, L-Carnitine, l-arginine, as well as l-lysine.

In the previous article I made about how to enhance sperm quantity, L-Arginine and Zinc were also of the suggested ingredients that I stated.

Currently the list of ingredients is quite exhaustive, so I’m only mosting likely to speak about a few that I’m directly knowledgeable about.


L-Lysine is an amino acid that has in fact been program to increase sperm manufacturing, when taken in combination with Zinc. In my viewpoint, this was a really wise enhancement to include inside of Semenax. This mix has actually likewise been revealed to increase testosterone degrees and also boost the sperm high quality.


There have actually been numerous medical research studies that have actually shown that L-Arginine is fairly efficient at raising seminal fluid volume. There is also some evidence which suggests that L-Arginine may raise testosterone levels indirectly by boosting nitric oxide levels.

Semenax includes L-Arginine HCL which is much more bioavailable than various other types of L-Arginine and it additionally reduces the effects of the bitter preference of L-Arginine which are present in powder forms.


According to a research released in the US National Library of Medicine, L-Carnitine has been revealed to enhance sperm mobility. That makes this an interesting ingredient for the functions of enhancing the general quality of your sperm.


Zinc is a supplement that supplies a lot of advantages to men. One of the most remarkable benefits is that increasing your intake of Zinc will boost the quantity of prostatic fluid that your body produces. Prostatic fluid comprises around 25% of total seminal fluid volume, so boosting your intake of Zinc will probably boost your total sperm volume.

Semenax Pills & Dosage

Semenax pills can be found in a basic clear gel cap and are light brown in color.

This is the same size as your standard vitamin pill, so it’s not weird or strange to find in your mouth after you take it.

That’s what I’ve been told about taking supplements in the past.

Take four pills every day, which is a little bit frustrating, however, I merely take mine when I take my prescribed medicines and it has not been a lot of a headache in any manner.

Does Semenax Really Work? Here’s My Results

Alright, so currently for the part of the evaluation that I’m sure many people are here for.

I began taking Semenax daily virtually 2 months earlier. The company advises that you abstain from climaxing while you await the supplement to take effect, however, I entirely disregarded that suggestion since abstaining from ejaculation alone can boost the amount of have an orgasm when you finally do orgasm. I figured to appropriately evaluate the efficiency of Semenax, I must continue my sex/masturbation routine normally, to make sure that I would certainly have the ability to appropriately evaluate the outcomes.

During the very first 1-2 weeks, I noticed very little difference in the quantity of sperm I was generating in my average lots. However, one difference that I did discover right around the beginning of week 2, was a obvious but mild rise in orgasm strength. I located that upon orgasm, my orgasm was lasting 1-2 seconds much longer than normal and also it was likewise slightly a lot more extreme in regards to just how much sensation was really felt in my penis upon climaxing.

Around the middle of week 3, I discovered that my seminal fluid tons was significantly larger than it usually is. The company suggests that you take the supplement for a complete month before you experience the full outcomes.

Around half way with week 4 of taking Semenax, my seminal fluid tons had increased (though it’s very difficult to claim this for sure, as I really did not weigh or determine the quantity of my tons). That being claimed, it was generously clear to me that I was creating a lot extra semen than regular.

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The method I would certainly define it would certainly be, if you’ve ever not ejaculated for a pair weeks, you’ll see that your cum lots upon lastly having an orgasm will certainly be a lot larger than when you climax on a regular basis. This amount of sperm was how much I was generating on a daily basis. It was an extremely noticeable distinction.

It goes without saying, I was really pleased with the results.

I in fact ordered a 2nd bottle right around the moment I noticed the increase in climax intensity, because that to me is much more beneficial than the boost in sperm volume. That being stated, I would certainly be all out lying if I claimed the increase in sperm quantity wasn’t a lot more fun for the functions of shooting my lots all over my charming other halves lovely face.

Semenax Side Effects

My experience has been positive so far. Semenax has helped me achieve a higher libido.

The only adverse effect of Semenax that I have personally observed is a slight boost in my state of mind, which I attributed to my zinc deficiency.

It causes semen to become bigger and more intense, so it pumps out more of it during sex.

I had a slight headache during week 2 but I believe it was due to dehydration and not due to Semenax.

Semenax Reviews

Semenax has numerous positive user reviews that have actually been written by confirmed individuals.

Below’s a few of the semenax testimonials that I found most interesting:

My climax is much better than uncommon. I had a great deal of ejaculations since I took it.”

– Kevin

” This product is every little thing it says it is plus more. My load was so much that my girl has been walking around all day claiming just how she still has some leaking out.

– Mark

” It works! I just turned 50 and prior to my volume started to decrease considering that my 40’s. After around six weeks my quantity increase however it was extra in density.”

– Derek

There we’re hundreds extra reviews just like these too, so obviously, the consumers whose evaluations I check out, were very satisfied.

Something I actually like concerning Semenax is that they use a 67-day vacant bottle guarantee. This is rather rare amongst supplement business and to me it tells me that the company really stands behind their item. Generally, if you’re not satisfied with your outcomes, you can return your empty container for a complete reimbursement

Where To Buy Semenax?

The best place to purchase Semenax is directly from the official Semenax site.

Not only do they offer the best rate offered online, yet you’ll likewise secure free shipping on a few of the bulk buy options. You save quite a bit of money if you purchase several containers, which is something I want I ‘d have made use of before ordering my very first bottle. My second order I chose the 6-month supply, which saved me almost $200 on my order!

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In my experience, Semenax is a very rewarding supplement and it absolutely does have met its case.

If you’re a man that is looking to boost the amount of seminal fluid you are producing in your typical cum shot, then Semenax is the only supplement that I can directly recommend. Semenax is a supplement I will proceed to take into the future.

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I started taking Semenax about two months ago, and I figure to evaluate the effectiveness of Semenax, I should keep sex/masturbation regular, and this would be a good time to do so, so that I’ll have a good idea of the results.

I like the fact that Semenax uses a 67-day empty bottle warranty. This means that if you purchase two bottles, your second order comes with a free third bottle. The reason I like this so much is that it allows me to try the product without risk or commitment.

If you are one of those guys looking for the only supplement that will get your semen levels up, you have to try Semenax.